GFACE Dashboard

Visual & Interaction Design


The dashboard was designed to be the first welcoming screen that would direct the user to other parts of the application. Such as the community, the games, as well as encouraging them to interact with their friends.

The Layout

The choice of layout was somewhat easy. It was very obvious from the beginning that a main 'feature' area was required, where we could feature imporant things to the user, as well as important things from the platform's perspective (announcements, community events, etc.).


The layout also inluces a profile picture of the user. This serves two purposes: 1) encourage new users to upload a profile picture (it's a gray circle by default) and make the dashboard more personal to the user.

What is GFACE?

GFACE is an online platform where you can play Free-to-Play games in the browser, with a focus on playing together with friends.


High quality free games directly in the browser


Connect and play together with friends


Interact with the global community of gamers